about us

Retro Revo is a community of luxury imported brands, chosen to be complimentary yet distinctive. We want independent customers and interior designers to experience products lead by best design and quality.

Retro Revo is committed to offering exceptional brands, all imported and handmade. We travel several times a year to many countries to find unique designer luxury brands which offers fusion of contemporary and classic style in their high quality products.

Our brands range in style and technique from Modern Luxury Italian design Sofa, Solid wood Italian design furniture collections, Silk and Wool Hand-knotted rugs, Luxury European design furniture collections, Cutting-edge Glass Italian Design products. Also, we represent a proper mix of Luxury European accessory brands to offer a full compliment to the interiors requirement.

Retro Revo have been featured in Elle Deco, AD, Home+Decoration, Time Out, Milk, That’s Shanghai, The Traveller, etc

We believe that the elegance and refinement presented in our collections are timeless. Our promise is to bring you distinction through excellence in design and offer an unmatched Luxury in Living.


瑞弗家居(Retro Revo)集合了各类进口奢华家居品牌,每一件家具都经过精挑细选,既符合时尚潮流,又不乏独特风格。我们希望能够呈现具有顶尖设计和出色品质的家居产品,供顾客们体验选购。
我们对于品牌的追求,风格与工艺并重。如意大利设计出品的现代奢华风格沙发、实木家具组合、真丝羊毛手织地毯,欧洲设计奢华家居品牌系列,意大利前卫设计玻璃家饰,无不体现出这一理念。另外,我们还提供了数种欧洲高端家居配饰品牌,以适应更为全面的室内设计需求。瑞弗家居(Retro Revo)获得了 ElleDeco(《家居廊》)、AD(《安邸》)、Home+Decoration(《家饰杂志》)、TimeOut、Milk、That’s Shanghai、The Traveller 等国内外多家知名时尚家居杂志争相报道。我们相信,我们所精选的家居产品必将以其精致典雅铸造永恒。我们的承诺是:以卓著超群的设计成就你的独一无二,以无与伦比的品质塑造你的奢华生活。


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